I share a practice studio in Jamaica Plain, MA with painter Elizabeth Slayton. I also use the space to host intimate performances.


(message for an invitation)

5/1 Cal Folger Day/Audrey Harrer/Sidney Gish/Stefan Banderson @ Magnolia Loft





8/27 Nosy Mangabe, Max Rose, Justin Nash Fisher 

9/20 Jamaica Plain Open Studios, Poetry and Music with Audrey Harrer and Friends

9/28 Marian Mclaughlin and Sam Moss

10/30 Forro Zabumbecca Dance Party

11/5 Food Will Win The War (Brooklyn)

12/5 Louie Glaser (Brooklyn)


1/14 A Journey Into Bliss: An evening of melodic exploration, feelings detection and psychedelic cinema

1/23 ✰♫ Weird Folk Fest Ⅲ ♪✰

2/13 Shimmy001: La Gozadera

3/5 Text Setting 002: Poetry with Free Improv Accompaniment

3/20 Weird Folk Fest V

3/31 Free Improv Potluck

5/7 Springtime swap and potluck brunch!

5/13 A Friday Night of Jazz Manouche featuring the Robin Nolan Trio (Amsterdam)

5/21 Experimental Pop Showcase: JHAINISH // VUK // NUDA VERITAS // AUDREY HARRER

8/12 Audrey Harrer, One For, Trees Take Ease, No Axiom

8/17 The Marian McLaughlin Trio, Crispin Swank, Anne Malin Ringwalt, & Audrey Harrer at the Magnolia Loft


1/26 How Are You.