5/14 NYC | 5/15 Baltimore | 5/16 Philly | 5/18 Brooklyn | 5/19 Providence | 5/20 Newport | 5/21 Boston | MORE INFO


“Her songs rarely stay in one place, shifting with wild abandon and circuitous wordplay that collectively build a web of intrigue on her debut album. A harpist, composer, and songwriter based in Jamaica Plain, Harrer pitches her work somewhere between classical composition and the experimental pop of Kate Bush and Björk.” [James Reed - BOSTON GLOBE]

"...her lysergic, complexly textured chamber pop compositions favor detached, intellectual cool..." [Matthew Dinaro - METRO]

“Audrey Harrer’s debut studio release shimmers with six poetic compositions where she uses her harp to shape playful, cinematic structures… Harrer has done the impossible: make intricate compositions relaxed in their reveals.” [Nina Corcoran - DIG BOSTON]


Featured Artwork, detail from "Changing Waters" by Nathalie Miebach