"Alphabet Rain" is a selection of songs culled from Audrey's exploration of acoustic instruments in a studio environment. As soon as she composed her first songs for harp and voice, she began booking sessions at 1867 Recording Studio, a converted masonic temple on the outskirts of Boston. After she laid down her harp tracks, Audrey wanted to apply her studies of orchestration to the studio. With her producer/engineer (1867 owner and dear friend) Chris McLaughlin, they invited players one-by-one to the temple to explore sound. They focused on the nuances of microphone choice and placement, studio effects, and production techniques. Audrey then applied their discoveries to her arrangements. The process was clandestine, sleep-deprived, adventurous, and often fueled by red wine and delicious Thai food.

After more than 30 10-hour sessions over the span of a few years, this collection of songs was chosen to complete. Audrey met up with Chris in Brooklyn and they mixed the record at Doom, a stunning mix room that overlooks the city. Final mastering was done by the illustrious Joe Laporta. This is Audrey's first studio release.